9 Best White Cheddar Substitutes

White Cheddar cheese is delicious, but it’s sometimes hard to come by. Most grocery stores only sell yellow Cheddar. Therefore, should you have a recipe that calls for white Cheddar and cannot find it, you might wonder if there is a suitable white cheddar substitute you can use.

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There are quite a few substitutes for white Cheddar cheese, including yellow Cheddar, Edam, Gouda, Gruyére, Colby, Tillamook, Cantal, Double Gloucester, and Brick cheese. If you require a vegan or dairy-free white Cheddar substitute, you can substitute white Cheddar cheese for a vegan Cheddar.

Although there are many possible substitutes for white Cheddar cheese, each substitute has a unique flavor and texture that differs from white Cheddar cheese. We will discuss all the possible substitutes for white Cheddar and how they differ in texture and taste.

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The Best Substitutes For White Cheddar

Cheddar cheese is extremely popular and is the best-selling cheese in the UK and the second best-selling cheese in the USA. However, despite its popularity, we sometimes struggle to find white Cheddar cheese in local grocery stores. Most stores only sell yellow Cheddar cheese.

So, if you are making a dish that calls for white Cheddar, you might be in distress if you cannot locate it. This might make you wonder if there are any suitable substitutes for white Cheddar cheese and how these substitutes compare to the real deal.

Well, we have asked various cheese experts for their advice, and they have provided nine brilliant substitutes for white Cheddar cheese if you cannot find it.

Substitution #1: Yellow Cheddar Cheese

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The apparent substitution for white Cheddar cheese is its cousin, yellow Cheddar cheese. Although white Cheddar and yellow Cheddar are marketed differently and have different appearances, the two cheese are identical. The only difference between yellow Cheddar and white Cheddar is that yellow Cheddar has added colorants to give it a more appealing look.

Besides the color, white Cheddar and yellow Cheddar taste the same. So look for a mature yellow Cheddar if you prefer a crumblier texture and a sharper taste. Or find a soft yellow Cheddar if you like a softer texture and milder taste.

Substitution #2: Colby Cheese

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Colby cheese originated in the USA and has an attractive white and yellow marbled look. Colby cheese is a great substitute for Cheddar, especially if you intend to melt the cheese over pasta or on a toasted sandwich.

Colby cheese has a softer texture than white Cheddar cheese. In addition, it also has a milder taste. Therefore, if you prefer soft textured and mild-tasting cheese, Colby is an excellent substitute for white Cheddar cheese.

Substitution #3: Tillamook Cheese

Also native to the USA, Tillamook cheese is a blend of high-quality cow’s milk. Tillamook has the same soft texture as Colby cheese, making it perfect for melting. However, Tillamook may have a sharper taste that reminds one more of mature Cheddar.

Tillamook cheese is an excellent substitute for white Cheddar cheese if you are looking for a soft cheese that has a similar flavor to white Cheddar cheese.

Note: this is a specific cheese brand, not a type of cheese.

Substitution #4: Cantal Cheese

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Cantal cheese is the perfect substitute for white Cheddar cheese if you prefer a stronger-tasting cheese. Originally from France, Cantal cheese has a strong flavor and a deliciously creamy aftertaste. When you first taste Cantal cheese, you might easily mistake it for a mature white Cheddar. However, Cantal cheese has a unique and unmistakable aftertaste that separates it from white Cheddar.

Cantal cheese has a similar texture to mature white Cheddar in that it is hard and somewhat crumbly. However, if you require a white Cheddar substitute and prefer a stronger cheese, Cantal is well worth a try.

Substitution #5: Double Gloucester Cheese

Double Gloucester cheese comes from Gloucester, England, and is made from high-quality cows. Plant extracts are added to give this cheese its distinct apricot color. Double Gloucester cheese shares many similarities with white Cheddar cheese and is thus a suitable substitute.

Double Gloucester cheese has a nutty and rich flavor. The flavors are similar to white Cheddar’s, and the texture is semi-hard and buttery. Double Gloucester cheese melts similarly to white Cheddar, so it makes the perfect substitute if you need to replace your white Cheddar with another cheese.

Substitution #6: Brick Cheese

brick cheese with herbs

Brick cheese is another cheese originating from America. This cheese is made using a similar process to the one making white Cheddar cheese. However, Brick cheese has a softer texture and starts with a milder taste than white Cheddar cheese.

When it is allowed to age, Brick cheese will develop a sharp and nutty taste, similar to a mature white Cheddar taste. Because these two kinds of cheese have a similar flavor profile, Brick cheese is an excellent substitute for white cheddar cheese.

Substitution #7: Gouda Cheese

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Gouda cheese has a springy texture and melts easily. It has a much milder taste than white Cheddar, which may be one reason you prefer Cheddar to Gouda. However, suppose you find mature Gouda cheese. In that case, you will notice that it has a remarkably similar flavor to mature white Cheddar.

Mature Gouda is more expensive than mature Cheddar cheese. Another difference is that mature Gouda tends to be much crumblier than mature Cheddar. However, if you can find a mature Gouda cheese and feel like a treat, this is a brilliant substitute for white Cheddar cheese.

Substitution #8: Edam Cheese

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Edam cheese originates in Edam, Holland, and has a pale-yellow color and mild taste. This semi-hard cheese is a good substitute for a mild or medium cheddar. Edam cheese will develop a sharper taste and crumblier texture if left to mature.

Edam cheese isn’t a good substitute for mature white Cheddar as the flavors are too mild. However, if you prefer a softer cheese and don’t need cheese with high-fat content, Edam cheese will make a great white Cheddar substitute.

Substitution #9: Gruyére Cheese

gruyere cheese on a wooden board

The final substitute for white Cheddar cheese comes from Switzerland and is called Gruyére cheese. Gruyére cheese has a soft texture and a mild but distinct flavor. Use this cheese conservatively as the flavors can become overwhelming.

Gryuére has a milder taste than mature white Cheddar. However, the base notes and texture is similar, making this a good substitute for white Cheddar, especially in baked dishes.

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More Questions About White Cheddar Substitutes

Are There Vegan Substitutions For Cheddar Cheese?

Suppose you follow a vegan diet. In that case, you might wonder if there are any vegan substitutes for white Cheddar cheese. Fortunately, there are quite a few. Most Cheddar cheese substitutes are made with coconut oil. While these cheeses mimic the creaminess and texture of Cheddar cheese, they aren’t as sharp as mature white Cheddar cheese.

According to expert testers, the best vegan Cheddar cheese is Morris V Taste Mature Cheddar. This vegan substitute mimics the sharpness of mature Cheddar the best, giving you the option of experiencing the same cheesy deliciousness without the milk.

How Is White Cheddar Different From Yellow Cheddar?

White Cheddar and yellow Cheddar cheese are the same, except for one aspect. White Cheddar cheese doesn’t have any added colorants. In contrast, plant extracts or artificial colorants are used to dye yellow Cheddar cheese.

It is thought that the yellow color makes yellow Cheddar cheese more appealing. However, in terms of taste and texture, yellow Cheddar cheese is no different from white Cheddar cheese, making it the perfect substitute.


White cheddar is great in recipes, but sometimes you might not have any on hand. If that’s the case, you can sub yellow cheddar since the main difference is the color. However, if color is important there are a variety of other cheese you can try as well. I hope you find the best white cheddar substitute for your meal today!

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