What Goes With Scalloped Potatoes? 17 Meal Ideas

Scalloped potatoes are a delicious dish often served with Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. They are rich, creamy, and full of potato goodness. But what can you serve with this amazing dish? Never wonder what goes with scalloped potatoes again—here are the best pairings!

scalloped potatoes

What is the difference between scalloped potatoes and au gratin potatoes?

Before we get to the pairings, we need to establish something: the difference between scalloped potatoes and au gratin potatoes.

There is often confusion over this topic, because some people think of au gratin potatoes as scalloped.

The truth is that traditional scalloped potatoes are NOT made with cheese. Rather, they are made with cream sauce (often with butter, flour, milk, and/or heavy cream).

On the other hand au gratin potatoes DO include cheese. They are more decadent because of this.

Now despite this fact, most of the dishes we are about to look at work with both scalloped and au gratin potatoes.

So if you were thinking about it wrong, don’t worry! This article is relevant no matter which dish you are making.

What to Serve with Scalloped Potatoes

Let’s take a look at all the pairings for these delicious potato dishes!

Please note that what you serve with scalloped potatoes depend on whether they are the main course or the side dish.

Traditionally, scalloped potatoes are a side dish. For this reason, we will look at a number of proteins that work well with them.

However, you can also choose to make the potatoes the star. In this case, there are a few lighter pairings that work well as sides toward the end of the list.

1. Honey Ham

whole ham

One of the most classic pairings with scalloped potatoes is ham! Yum. This is what my family does for Christmas dinner every single year.

The sweetness of the ham and the rich, saltiness of the potatoes is just classic.

I wouldn’t do Christmas dinner any other way!

2. Pork Chops

pork loin on a wooden cutting board

Less traditional, but still a great idea, is pork chops!

This is an awesome way to keep the classic pork, but without having to prepare a whole ham.

You can buy bone-in or boneless pork chops, just make sure to prepare them correctly depending on which you choose!

A glaze would be a great addition to this—like these Brown Sugar Glazed Pork Chops or Honey Garlic Pork Chops.

3. Ham & Bean Soup

ham and bean soup

If you want to stick with ham but try something even more conventional, Ham and Bean Soup might be a great option!

This dish is loaded with white beans, ham, and veggies for a hearty meal.

The only thing I’m unsure about with this pairing is the textures. You’d be getting a lot of soft, creamy textures in both the potatoes and the soup.

So if you go this route, you may want to serve another side, like baguettes or salad!

4. Whole Roasted Turkey

whole roasted turkey with sides

Another classic: turkey! Scalloped potatoes pair wonderfully with roasted turkey.

A whole turkey is quite the undertaking, but for thanksgiving it is definitely worth it!

If you want to try something a little different, add an herb rub to your turkey (like rosemary and thyme).

5. Turkey Breast or Legs

turkey legs

Want to recreate Thanksgiving with way less hassle?

You can also pair scalloped potatoes with a turkey breast or turkey legs. This is a great way to get the taste of Thanksgiving faster and easier.

You can roast these pieces of the turkey, or go for a more unconvential preparation method like fried turkey legs.

6. Whole Roasted Herb Chicken

whole roasted chicken

While turkey is great, chicken can be more cost effective (and just as yummy).

Thankfully, it is a great main dish to serve alongside scalloped or au gratin potatoes!

I recommend finding a recipe that will yield tender, juicy chicken, with crisp skin on the outside.

This recipe from Gimme Some Oven has over 50 five-star reviews, and it looks incredibly crisp and delicious!

7. Juicy Baked Chicken Breast

juicy baked spice chicken breast

Once again, a simpler way to go with chicken is to just choose one part. Baked chicken breasts are easy to prepare, yet super delicious!

I like to roast my chicken breasts on a sheet pan, along with vegetables.

For example, here is a juicy oven baked chicken recipe that is brushed with a delicious brown sugar and spice glaze (including paprika, oregano, and more!)

8. Fried Chicken

fried chicken

Fried chicken will take the meal in a different direction, but that can be a good thing sometimes!

Texture wise, the ultra crispy chicken would be amazing with smooth, creamy potatoes.

I could see my family devouring this meal, couldn’t you?

This Buttermilk-Brined Southern Fried Chicken from Serious Eats looks like a great option to try.

9. Meatloaf


Want to go down-to-earth, homey style? Try serving your scalloped or au gratin potatoes with meatloaf!

Think of it like a twist on your classic “meat and potatoes.”

Look – this classic meatloaf recipe from I Wash You Dry even recommends cheesy potatoes as the perfect side dish.

10. Beef Tenderloin

herb beef tenderloin

Want to go fancy with this dinner? Try serving Beef Tenderloin as the main dish along with your potatoes!

This is sure to impress guests and/or family members.

This Million Dollar Roast Beef Tenderloin is a great recipe to try. It features fresh rosemary, and has over 600 postive reviews!

11. Beef Wellington

beef wellington

If you thought the last dish was fancy…think again!

Beef Wellington is the epitome of fancy food, and it goes great with scalloped potatoes!

If you go this route, you may want to think hard about how you’re going to plate the wellington with the potatoes to make it look extra good. (You put in all that effort – might as well!)

12. Pot Roast

pot roast

Back to “normal” food here (not so fancy) a pot roast would make another amazing protein!

While pot roast is typically served with either mashed potatoes, or potatoes that have been cooked in the pot along with the roast, there’s no reason why scalloped potatoes can’t make an entrance!

Personally, this combo sounds like the epitome of comfort food to me.

12. Broiled Lobster


One last protein that works well with scalloped potatoes is broiled lobster!

I’ve personally never tried this one, but I hear it makes a great combination. Try it out and see what you think!

13. Fresh Salad

fresh salad

Now let’s get to some options of side dish to serve with scalloped potatoes as the main dish. First of all, fresh salad is a great one.

You can go fancier with the salad or do a simple green salad.

14. Green Beans

green beans

Another refreshing side dish that goes with scalloped potatoes is green beans!

I recommend buying them fresh; then you can either steam, roast, or blanch them.

This recipe for simple skillet green beans by Healthy Seasonal Recipes looks perfect!

15. Asparagus

asparagus in cast iron pan

Similar to green beans, asparagus also makes for a great side!

This green veggie has some bitter undertones, and it is amazing served with freshly grated parmesan cheese.

OR, even better, wrap it in bacon! Bacon wrapped asparagus is so yummy, and the pork will complement the potatoes.

16. Broccolini

Though not as common of a vegetable, broccolini also makes a great vegetarian side for cheesy potatoes.

Saute or roast it until tender yet still crisp.

If you don’t have broccolini, you can also go for broccoli too.

17. Brussel Sprouts

brussel sprouts and bacon

Last (but not least) try brussel sprouts and bacon!

I think brussel sprouts are best roasted in the oven to get some of those browned bottoms like you see above.

Not to mention, adding crumbled bacon complements the scalloped potatoes like never before!

More Side Dishes:

More Questions About Scalloped Potatoes

How long should scalloped potatoes cook for?

It is likely that your recipe will call for the dish to be cooked for at least an hour, if not longer.

Be patient! Scalloped potatoes are worth the wait. 😉 You don’t want to remove the dish early. Crunchy potatoes are not pleasant.

How do you know when scalloped potatoes are done?

Scalloped potatoes are done when you can insert a fork or knife easily through the layers, without any resistance.

Can scalloped potatoes be refrigerated before baking?

Yes, many scalloped potato recipes are perfect for making ahead! You can refrigerate or even freeze the dish before cooking, and then bake all the way through when ready.

If you’re freezing the dish, just make sure to defrost it in the fridge before cooking.

What meat goes with cheesy potatoes?

Quite a large variety! Beef, chicken, turkey, and pork all pair well with cheesy potatoes. It really is a versatile dish!


Scalloped potatoes can be made even better when they are served with hearty main dishes like turkey, ham, chicken, etc. Now that you know some of the best mains and sides, which will you choose? Will you go fancy with beef wellington, or homey with meatloaf? Either way, your family and friends are sure to love the finished meal.

Check out the best dishes to serve with mashed potatoes next!

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