How To Thicken a Milkshake – 10 Tips

It is a lovely sunny day, and you are sitting by the pool enjoying a creamy, thick milkshake. If you are like me, who cannot make a perfectly thick homemade milkshake, then you need to adjust some of the ingredients. How do you thicken a milkshake?

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Add more ice cream to thicken your milkshake, or you can use heavy whipping cream instead of milk. Usually, yogurt and crème fraiche does the trick too. These are a few of the easiest methods to use for a creamy and thick consistency for homemade milkshakes.

There are more ways you can thicken a milkshake. Read on to discover how to make a thick and delicious milkshake! I will list a few tips you can use if all else fails.

How To Thicken a Milkshake or Smoothie

There are many ways you can fix a watery milkshake. Ideally, you should use whole milk when you make milkshakes instead of skim milk or 1 percent milk. Usually, extra scoops of ice cream produce the desired results, but if you are low on that from making too many milkshakes, then yogurt, heavy whipping cream, and natural sour cream (however, it might change the flavor)  can also be used.

From experience, I found that 1 cup of heavy whipping milk mixed with a tablespoon of buttermilk also thickens the consistency of the milkshake, and if you add a few cubes of crushed ice, you cannot go wrong either!

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Tip #1: Thicken Milkshake Using Extra Ice-cream

A simple and easy method is adding some extra ice cream scoops to the milkshake. Sometimes the milkshake contains too much milk and not enough ice cream. Add about two scoops of ice cream; it will not only thicken the milkshake but also enhance the taste!

Tip#2: Blend Full Fat Yogurt To Thicken The Milkshake

Suppose you are worried that adding more ice cream can make the milkshake too thick, then add yogurt. Only use whole-fat yogurt because it is much creamier. The upside is you can blend any yogurt flavor if you want to change your milkshake. You do not have to keep to plain whole-fat yogurt. You cannot go too overboard with the ice cream; otherwise, you will not be able to drink your milkshake.

Tip #3: Add Chocolate Syrup To Thicken Milkshake

Adding chocolate syrup is a tasty way to thicken the milkshake. Obviously, you can use any syrup flavor, but I prefer the delicious chocolate kind. Squeeze in the syrup of your choice to thicken the consistency of the milkshake. The syrup is thicker in consistency than milk, so that it will work excellently.

Tip #4: Use Ice Cubes To Make The Milkshake Thicker

Crush some ice cubes and add them to the runny milkshake. The crushed ice will thicken the milkshake immediately; however, when the ice melts, the milkshake can become watery again. The upside is that after adding the ice cream, the milkshake can serve as a frozen coffee or cappuccino since there will be a slight change in the consistency.

Tip #5: Add Fruit To Thicken Milkshake

I love all things fruity! Therefore I suggest mixing some of your favorite fruits into the milkshake. It will thicken the consistency and add great flavor. Some of the greatest fruits to add are bananas, berries, mangos, pineapple, and papaya.

Tip #6: Use Whipping Cream To Thicken Milkshake

Whipping is high in fat and deliciously thick, so there is no doubt that it will thicken the milkshake’s consistency. To thicken the milkshake using whipping cream, add one tablespoon at a time while stirring the milkshake. Do this until you reach your desired outcome.

Tip #7: Only Use Full-Fat Ingredients In Your Milkshake

For a milkshake to become creamy and smooth, you must use whole-fat ingredients. It is what makes your milkshake thick and creamy. Using low-fat ice cream, low-fat yogurt, or low-fat or skim milk will not do the milkshake any good no matter how much you try to increase its creaminess. It will only make the milkshake runny and watery.

Tip #8: Use Crème Fraiche To Thicken Milkshake

Adding crème fraiche to the milkshake can also thicken its consistency. If you want to try out this method, start by adding only a little crème fraiche. It is sour cream with a nutty taste that might alter your milkshake’s flavor.

Tip #9: Use Buttermilk To Thicken Milkshake

Mix one tablespoon of buttermilk with one cup of whipping cream for a thicker consistency. Before adding the thick and creamy mixture to the milkshake, cover the buttermilk and whipping cream mixture with plastic wrap and leave it at room temperature for 24 hours. Afterward, fold it in the milkshake and enjoy your delicious drink!

Tip #10: Add The Milkshake To A Blender For A Thicker Consistency

Throw the ingredients in a high-speed electric blender and watch how it thickens! Once you are happy with the results, pour the milkshake into a tall glass, and add a funky straw and a cute little umbrella. By now, you must be excited to gulp down your nice, thick, and creamy homemade milkshake.

More Questions About How To Thicken Milkshakes

How Do You Fix A Melted Milkshake?

Suppose your milkshake melted after standing outside for too long. In that case, you can pour the melted milkshake into the electric blender, add a few ice cubes, and any thickening ingredient of your choice, such as whole fat yogurt, syrup, full-fat ice cream, milk, heavy whipping cream, etc. Blend the ingredients until it creamy again.

Can Eggs Thicken Milkshakes?

Adding an egg can enhance the frothiness and creaminess of the milkshake. Not many people are keen on adding an egg to their milkshake, so it is optional.

Why Is My Milkshake Still Runny?

If your milkshake is still runny and watery after adding thickening ingredients, it may be because you added too much milk. It would help to keep the ratio in mind when pouring milk into your milkshake. If you do not add enough, it can be challenging to drink.

How Long Should I Blend Milkshake For It To Thicken?

It depends upon the kind of blender you have. The blender should be able to chop and mix the ingredients well. Usually, you only need to blend it for up to two minutes if you have a good blender.

Should I Boil Milk Before Making Milkshake?

If you are using raw milk (milk that has not been pasteurized to eliminate harmful bacteria), it is an absolute must to boil the milk before making milkshakes. During the boiling process, the harmful bacteria will be destroyed.

How Do I Keep Milkshakes Thicker For Longer?

Firstly, before gathering the ingredients, ensure that you are ready to serve the milkshake before making it. Once the milkshake is well blended, it can start melty pretty quickly, so place your milkshake glasses in the freezer to make it chilly and cold. It will keep the ice cream in the milkshake frozen for longer.

Can I Add Corn Flour To Thicken Milkshake?

Since milkshake is a cold beverage, you cannot use corn flour to thicken it. Corn flour must be boiled to thicken, so it will be hot if you add it to the milkshake.

How Can I Make A Thick Milkshake Without Milk?

You can blend diced avocados for thickness and creaminess. Add frozen bananas to substitute the milk, yogurt, or rolled oats. All these ingredients can work as substitutes for milk and will make it thick and creamy. If you have allergies, then plant milk can work too.


Milkshakes are an amazing treat on a hot summer day. If you accidentally make your milkshake too runny, there are a variety of fixes that will thicken it back up! Try adding more ice cream, or other ingredientes you may have in the fridge. You will love the result!

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