How to Cut Carrots Into Sticks (2 Methods!)

Have you ever been craving some carrot stick snacks, but all you have on hand are whole carrots? You’re in luck, because today I’m going to teach you how to cut carrots into sticks 2 ways! We’ll cut carrots into the perfect snack size, as well as learn how to jullienne them.

cut up carrot sticks

2 Ways to Cut Carrot Sticks

You have options when it comes to cutting carrot sticks. Generally when people think of a “carrot stick” one of two things may come to mind. The first is roughly cut pieces of carrot that are the perfect size for snacking on. We’ll learn how to cut these first.

The second is carrot matchsticks, which are more straight, even, and smaller strips. While you can snack on these too, carrot matchsticks are more often used in recipes, especially salads or Asian dishes.

As you can see, both methods are great for different purposes! Either way, you’ll end up with a delicious, nutritious carrot stick that you can use many ways.

What You’ll Need

Before you get started cutting your own carrot sticks, there are a few materials you need to gather.

First of all, make sure you have a sharp chef’s knife. This is imperative to any knife skills (it is much safer to use a sharp knife than a dull one, did you know?)

In addition, you’ll also need a cutting board, vegetable peeler, something non-slip to put underneath the cutting board, and of course, carrots!

cut up carrot sticks

Video Tutorial:

Both of the methods are shown in this video, or scroll down for separate photo tutorials and instructions.

Cut Carrot Sticks for Snacking

The first way to cut carrot sticks is perfect for snacking. These are great to eat instead of buying baby carrots from the store. You can cut up just one or two for the kids, or a bunch ahead of time for easy snacking later!

Step 1:

Peel your carrot. Then, chop off the end and cut it in half.

Step 2:

Take each half of the carrot and cut it in half again. From here, you have 2 options.

You can either cut the pieces in half one more time, OR you can cut the pieces into 3 sticks from here.

It just depends on the width of the carrot and also how wide you want your carrot sticks to be. I usually do the thick, top half of the carrot into 3 sticks, but the thinner bottom half into just 2. A good size to aim for is about 1/2″ thick.

How to Cut Carrots into Matchsticks

For smaller carrot sticks, we can cut them into matchsticks. This is technically called a julienne cut and it is the more proper” way to cut carrots into sticks. The result is a carrot stick that is even on all sides.

Step 1:

Peel the carrot, cut off the end, and then cut it into three 2″ pieces.

Step 2:

Take one 2″ piece and stand it up straight on the cutting board. Using your sharp chef’s knife, cut down one side of the carrot to form a flat edge. Lay this flat edge down on the cutting board and proceed to cut off all sides of the carrot until it becomes a square.

Step 3:

Once you have a squared off carrot, it’s time to cut it into thin planks. Slice down the carrot lengthwise. Make your cuts 1/8″ thick, or however wide you want your finished carrot sticks to be.

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Step 4:

Once you have your planks, lay them down and make your final cuts. Again, cut lengthwise at 1/8″ (or whatever width you did before). And there you have it, a perfectly julienned carrot!

Now you have carrot matchsticks—but did you know these can also be turned into a diced up carrot? See this post for more info.

Carrot Sticks FAQ

Let’s talk about some more common questions people ask when it comes to carrot sticks.

Should I use a carrot stick cutter?

It’s up to you! Personally, I would not spend the money on a carrot stick cutter when I can do it myself with a knife in a few quick minutes. You also have much more control when you learn the knife cuts to do it yourself, rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all tool.

How long should carrot sticks be?

Usually carrot sticks are cut 2-3 inches in length. However, you can really make them as long or as short as you’d like!

How do you make carrot sticks taste better?

There are lots of ways to make carrot sticks taste better! One simple way is to roast them in the oven with olive oil or butter, and your choice of spices. You can also eat them with a dip like ranch. I like to get extra creative with my carrots – a few of my recipes are garlic basil carrots and sweet & smoky carrots!

Are these carrot sticks good for toddlers?

Yes, carrot sticks are not only healthy, but also an appealing snack for toddlers because of the sweetness! I would recommend doing the first cutting method though, rather than the thinner julienne, just to be safe.

Can you freeze carrot sticks?

Yes, you can freeze carrot sticks. However, the best way to preserve them is to blanch them first. If you skip this step, they will lose their quality much faster in the freezer.

Do carrot sticks go bad?

Yes, like all food, carrot sticks go bad. If your carrot sticks have gotten soft and bendable rather than firm, that means they are on their way out. If they are slimy and smelly, that means you should throw them away and definitely not eat them anymore.


Cutting carrot sticks is a great skill to know, especially if you love snacking on carrots to get your veggies in throughout the day! So go into the kitchen and start practicing today! Once you master these knife skills, you also might want to learn how to cut carrots for stir fry or how to dice a potato too. They are all great techniques that will enhance your experience in the kitchen for sure.

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