What to Serve With Ham Steak: 22 Ideas

Never wonder what to serve with ham steak again: these 22 side dish ideas have you covered for a long time! From savory dinner sides to breakfast sides, there is something for everyone here.

ham steak

Have you ever run into this problem? You spend time carefully making a delicious main course, only to realize you have no idea what to serve with it.

Or maybe you have leftovers, but you want to change it up a bit from previous meals. Ham steak can be one of these foods. It’s delicious, but sometimes it’s tricky to think of a dish to go with it.

These 22 ideas on what goes with ham steak are sure to elevate your dish to the next level!

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Is Ham Steak the Same as Ham?

Before continuing, let’s talk about one important question: what is ham steak anyway? Is it the same as ham?

Yes, ham steak is real ham. It is just a slice taken from a whole ham roast, so you can buy a smaller portion.

You’ll want to keep in mind that whole hams are usually cheaper per pound. However, ham steaks are great when you just have 2 people, or you don’t want to bother with cooking and dealing with a whole ham.

They are also very easy to make—you can do things like grilling them in the oven or pan frying them.

So once you’ve decided for sure on ham steak and you’re ready to make dinner, you’ll need to choose a side dish!

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Healthy Sides for Ham Steak

Are you looking for something delicious and good for you? If so, these first few sides are for you!

Air Fryer Zucchini Fries

First up are these crispy Air Fryer Zucchini Fries! This recipe is super simple, requires minimal ingredients, and only takes about 30 minutes to make! Because of this, it’s perfect for when you need a healthy side done in a pinch. These zucchini fries are first coated in a yummy batter and then thrown into the air fryer for a delicious, fry-like crunch. If you’re looking for something the whole family will love, this one is it!

Recipe From: Sinful Kitchen

air fryer zucchini fries

Butternut Squash Gratin

Next is a unique one: Butternut Squash Gratin. This dish pairs crispy bread crumbs and parmesan, butternut squash, beet greens and a creamy sauce for a deliciously unique flavor pallet. This is one of those dishes that keeps well, so it’s perfect for making ahead of time to serve the next day!

Recipe From: Scratch Market

butternut squash gratin

Garlic Butter Brussel Sprouts

Next are these Garlic Butter Brussel Sprouts! This recipe can literally be whipped up in a matter of minutes, and pairs perfectly with just about any main dish! It only requires four simple ingredients and cooks in one pan on the stove top. This side is sure to be a hit!

Recipe From: Eating Works

garlic butter brussel sprouts

Spiced Tricolor Quinoa

Are you looking for a quinoa dish? This Spiced Tricolor Quinoa is perfect! Qunioa is such a unique side dish because it’a incredibly healthy, yet it’s filling and takes to other flavors well. This dish in particular features yummy spices like garlic and cumin as well as sweet potatoes and cilantro for a unique mix of delicious flavors. If you’re wanting something a bit more filling, this dish is perfect!

Recipe From: Ginger Divine

tricolor quinoa recipe with sweet potatoes

Slow Cooker Collard Greens

Next up are these Slow Cooker Collared Greens. This classic comfort food is so simple to make and deliciously tender. Unlike most recipes, this one uses bacon to give it a richer, meatier, and less bitter taste. This dish would pair perfectly with just about any protein, but especially ham steak!

Recipe From: The Short Order Cook

slow cooker collard greens

Sweet and Smoky Cast Iron Carrots

Here’s another one of my recipes: the Sweet and Smoky Cast Iron Carrots! These carrots have a scrumptious, sweet and smoky flavor thanks to the paprika and honey. They’re quick, easy, and cooked in a skillet, which is perfect for giving them that yummy, sweet glaze. These carrots are sure to be a household favorite!

Recipe From: Ginger Divine

cast iron carrots recipe

Air Fryer Whole Sweet Potato

Have you ever cooked a sweet potato in an air fryer? This Whole Sweet Potato recipe is the ultimate guide of how to do just that. Rather than spend loads of time waiting for the oven to heat up and bake it slowly, you can use your air fryer and still come out with the perfect fluffy-on-the-inside, crispy-on-the-outside texture—just in time to serve with a ham steak main dish.

Recipe From: Sava’s Kitchen

whole sweet potato

Maple Roasted Delicata Squash

Lastly, check out this Maple Roasted Delicata Squash recipe! This recipe is so incredibly quick and easy (only 10 minutes of prep time!) and deliciously sweet and tender. Each piece of squash is tossed in maple syrup, avocado oil, cinnamon and salt and then perfectly roasted and caramelized in the oven for a rich punch of flavor!

Recipe From: Maple and Mango

maple roasted delicata squash

If you really like ham, check out side dishes that go with ham and bean soup!

Savory Ham Steak Dinner Ideas

Are you looking for some ways to dress your ham steak up for dinner? If so, these next few recipes are for you!

The Perfect Baked Potato

First up, take a look at this Perfect Baked Potato recipe! I mean, who doesn’t love a good baked potato? This recipe is the ultimate guide of how to cook them perfectly so that they’re crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside every time! These potatoes are not only delicious, but they pair super well with a savory ham steak (whether as chopped garnish, or as a side!).

Recipe From: Mimosa and Motherhood

perfect baked potato

Healthy 4-Ingredient Potato Soup

Next is a super quick and easy one: the Healthy 4-Ingredient Potato Soup! I love this soup because it’s smooth and creamy, and it pairs perfectly with leftover ham since it’s one of the ingredients! Additionally, this soup is super easy to prep and then be thrown into the crock pot, which makes it great for those busy days when you need something warm and ready for you when you get home!

Recipe From: Ginger Divine

4 ingredient potato soup

Batata Harra

Have you heard of Batata Harra before? Batata Harra is a yummy Arabic dish that consists of oven roasted potatoes that are tossed in a delicious cilantro, garlic and red pepper sauce that gives them a unique, spicy flavor. This recipe features a squeeze of lemon for some added freshness and only takes about 25 minutes to make!

Recipe From: Sinful Kitchen

batata harra

Keto Greek Salad

Are you wanting something a bit lighter to go with your ham? If so, I think you’ll like this Keto Greek Salad recipe! This light salad is low carb and keto-friendly, yet it’s packed with freshness and delicious flavor. If you’re looking for a fresh element to pair with ham steak, this salad is great!

Recipe From: Eating Works

keto greek salad

Creamy Tomato Corn Soup

Here’s another one of my favorite soup recipes: the Creamy Tomato Corn Soup! This soup pairs fresh tomatoes with crisp corn and aromatic spices for a unique and delicious flavor. Since this recipe is built around using up what you already have around your kitchen, it’s easy to customize and versatile with different flavors depending on what you have lying around (aka, it’s perfect for using up leftover ham)!

Recipe From: Ginger Divine

tomato corn soup

Homemade Salted Dinner Rolls

There’s nothing quite like fresh bread to add an element of comfort and warmth to a dish. This Salted Dinner Roll recipe is no exception! These rolls are extra soft and fluffy, and have a rich, sweet flavor thanks to the butter and honey. These rolls would pair wonderfully with ham, potatoes, etc.!

Recipe From: Life as a Strawberry

salted dinner rolls

Homemade Baked Beans With Bacon

Last up for this category, check out this Homemade Baked Beans recipe! These baked beans are made completely from scratch and are perfect for family dinners, gatherings, or potlucks of any kind! Because the yummy salty element of this recipe is bacon, you can easily replace it with some crispy leftover ham for a fun, more economical dish!

Recipe From: 24 Bite

baked beans with bacon

What to Serve With Ham Steak for Breakfast

Are you looking for some ways you can incorporate leftover ham steak into breakfast? If so, then I think you’ll like these next recipes.

Air Fryer Breakfast Potatoes

First up, check out these mouth watering Air Fryer Breakfast Potatoes! These crispy potatoes are so addicting and only take about 10 minutes of hands-on prep. Unlike most diced potato recipes, these have a hint of smoky flavor thanks to the smoked paprika and other spices! If you’re looking for something quick and easy to make alongside your ham, this one is great!

Recipe From: Ginger Divine

air fryer breakfast potatoes

Pear Sauce

You’ve probably had apple sauce before, but have you heard of Pear Sauce? This unique recipe is full of yummy sweetness and pear flavor, which pairs so well with the salty richness of bacon or ham! Another great thing about this recipe is that it’s simple to make and freezes well, which makes it perfect for making beforehand to serve on those busier mornings where you need to just grab and go!

Recipe From: Champagne Taste

pear sauce

Spinach & Cheese Egg Muffins

Next are these delicious Spinach & Cheese Egg Muffins! These little muffins are packed with protein and deliciousness and are great for grabbing quickly for the road on busy mornings! If you have one along with a ham steak, you’ll have a protein-packed breakfast for sure.

Recipe From: Simply Stacie

Strawberry Peach Banana Smoothie

Are you looking for something sweet along with your ham steak? If so, this Strawberry Peach Banana Smoothie is just the thing! This smoothie is wonderfully thick and is just the perfect mixture of sweet and tart. Pair it with ham for a satisfying and well-rounded meal!

Recipe From: Ginger Divine

Best Ever Strawberry Muffins

Here’s another fun strawberry recipe: Best Ever Strawberry Muffins! These muffins are wonderfully moist of have a shortcake-like flavor and feel. This recipe is perfect for making the night before so that they can be quickly grabbed in the morning! If you want to add an extra bit of protein, pair these with a bit of ham steak, and you have a delicious, well-balanced breakfast!

Recipe From: Ginger Divine

strawberry shortcake muffins

Bacon and Egg Biscuit Casserole

Next up is this Bacon and Egg Biscuit Casserole! This recipe is so simple, yet so satisfying. It really has something in it for everyone! This recipe uses simple, household ingredients and is so quick and easy to make. All you have to do is pop the bacon (or ham) in the oven, mix up the other ingredients, put them together, then refrigerate to be baked and ready to eat warm the next morning.

Recipe From: Simply Stacie

bacon egg biscuit casserole

Loaded Hash Brown Casserole

Lastly, meet the Loaded Hash Brown Casserole! This recipe is super easy to recreate and mimics a loaded, cheesy baked potato in breakfast form! This dish is perfect for using up any leftover bits of ham from the night before, and pairs well with a number of dishes (yet is also a great stand-alone dish!).

Designer: Quiche My Grits

hash brown casserole


Do ham steaks need to be cooked?

No, most ham steaks come pre-cooked when you purchase them. While you can usually eat them straight from the package, I recommend cooking them up for a better overall flavor. They can be grilled, fried, cooked with other ingredients, or just heated in a pan.

How do you heat up a ham steak without drying it out?

If your ham steak is pre-cooked like most are, don’t cook it any longer than necessary. Once its warmed all the way through, it is ready to eat, so stop the cooking! Here is an article from Cook’s Ham with a few different methods for heating up ham steak successfully.

What to serve with grilled ham steak?

If you are grilling your ham steak, lots of the recipes we just looked at will work great! You can choose something heavier, like baked potatoes, rolls, baked beans, etc. to make sure the whole family ends up full and satisfied.

What to serve with fried ham steak?

Now if you fry the ham steak, on the other hand, you may want a lighter side dish. Think salads or veggies (like the recipes in the first category above!)

What to serve with ham steak and pineapple?

Ham steak and pineapple is a very specific dish, so all the previous recipes probably won’t work. Some common sides people choose are veggies (green beans, asparagus, etc.) or starches (most commonly rice).

More Side Dish Recipes:


There are lots of options when it comes to choosing a side dish to go with ham steak. Whether you choose a vegetable side or a starchy side, your meal is sure to turn out amazing. I hope you found the perfect recipe in this list!

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